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Degrees above the rest

The Next Summer Camp:

Welcome to the new Tourism Hell Campaign

With the whole world travel economy shot in the foot by the coronavirus, why not capitalise on this untapped market that all of us clandestinely crave to exploit: Hell! Our website is designed to exhibit the unbridled joy and wonder that a holiday in Hell can bring for the whole family! With heaps of attractions and of course our A list clientele, we believe our offers are irresistible.


Take A Luxourious walk from Volcano to shining Volcano

Here in good old H-E-Double Hockey sticks, we believe the customer is always right and you wouldnt believe the lengths we'll go to make you feel at home

Don't forget to wear your wrist band to these star-studded events. And, browse through our 'coming soon' catologue, including names like Paula Deen, Cardinal Goerge Pell and Maucaley Caulkins parents

Take a Virtual Tour!

For your viewing pleasure, here's a quick look at our luxurious main entrance which we hope you'll be scrambling through in no time.